• Dependable? 100% DependableOur work will speak for itself!!!

    At Augies, our technicians are non-commission based and they would rather focus on cleaning your carpets to your satisfaction than selling you more products and services that you may not require.

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    "Augie's came on time offered help to move any thing that was needed. Joe did a great job, spent 2 hours cleaning 2 sofas. a few chairs and several rugs and the carpret. The dog and cat hair is gone and was left with a pleasent smelling home. 'Great work and Affordable'. Thanks Joe..."  - Chuck/Warren MI

  • Listen to our customer's voice

    "Joe from augies janitorial service was prompt, very meticulous and a pleasure to have. I'm glad I tried them and would recommend them to anyone"  - Sue/Rochester Hills, MI

  • Listen to our customer's voice

    "We purchased a carpet cleaning through LivingSocial and were extremely happy with the service. They showed up on time, were extremely thorough with the cleaning, and even removed some stains that previous cleaners were not able to remove"  - A Satisfied Customer/Troy, MI

  • Listen to our customer's voice

    "Augies was amazing! Got out all the stains and the guy was courteous and very professional! Thanks Guys, I am a lifetime customer.  - A Satisfied Customer/Waterford, MI

  • "Augies is a professional service that is way better than any other service I have used in the past! I had several pet stains and they not only removed the pet stain they neutralized the odor as well!!! I had them clean my couches as well and I have a variety of types of couches and they had no problem having the knowledge to know how to treat each of them with TLC! it was fast and convenient to get an appointment and all of the staff I spoke with were friendly and accommodating!"
     - A Satisfied Customer/Auburn Hills, MI


What if my carpet is not visibly dirty? Is ok to prolong the cleaning? No, most carpet manufacturers recommend that your carpets be cleaned every six-twelve months. Some manufacturers even void your warranty if you do not get it cleaned according to their specifications.

What type of training do your carpet cleaning technicians complete?  All of our carpet cleaning technicians complete a thorough DVD instruction in addition to their IIRC classroom instruction, as well as visiting trade shows, and completing continuing education for the industry.

What can I expect when Augies Carpet Cleaning Services comes to clean my carpets? We do the following steps to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction:

Walkthrough Our technician will complete a thorough walkthrough of your home to determine any additional services you might need, noting any spots or damaged carpet and advise you of the possible solutions.
Pre-spray The technician will vacuum for an additional charge if carpets have not been vacuumed prior to our visit. He will then pre-spray with the appropriate chemical to begin encapsulating the dirt trapped in the fibers of the carpet.
Pre-agitate This is done to work the pre-spray into the carpet fibers to begin loosening the dirt from the fibers and starting the encapsulation process.
Hot water/steam extraction He will set his metering device to determine how much soap is needed depending on the level of soiling. The process is also determined from the type of carpet fibers you have in your home.

Won't my carpet become moldy from being cleaned too often? No, not when using proper equipment and techniques. Augies Carpet Cleaning uses state of the art equipment and techniques with hot water and extremely powerful pumps that allows the carpet to dry within 3-8 hours under normal conditions.

Summary of Services

Carpet and Furniture Protector
Mattress Cleaning and Vacuuming
Flood Damage
Urine Treatment
Specialty Stain Removal